Safety vent device used in a battery module

Dispositif de soupape d'échappement de sécurité utilisé dans un module de batterie

Sicherheitsventilvorrichtung zur Verwendung in einem Batteriemodul


In a sealed rechargeable battery module wherein a safety vent device (13) is provided to release the internal pressure of the battery when the pressure has reached a predetermined value, the safety vent device comprises a valve case (25) formed with a vent (26) and a sealing protrusion (27) surrounding this vent, a valve body (31) inserted in the valve case including a sealing portion (28) that is brought in tight contact with the sealing protrusion, a rigid holder (29) for supporting the sealing portion, and a resilient portion (30) for pressing the rigid holder toward the vent, and a valve cover (32) formed with apertures (33) for closing the upper open end of the valve case in a state wherein the resilient portion of the valve body is compressed.




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