A hair-winding tool and a hair wave-forming method using the hair-winding tool

Bigoudi et méthode d'ondulation des cheveux utilisant le bigoudi

Lockenwickler und Methode zum Wellen der Haare bei Gebrauch des Lockenwicklers


A hair-winding tool includes a rectangular hair-winding part having a flat surface portion. A pair of rotation-supporting parts is provided at both ends of the hair-winding part in its longitudinal direction. The rotation-supporting part supports the hair-winding part rotatably manually or automatically. The rotation-supporting part includes a cylindrical member. A plurality of engaging claws is disposed on an axial end of the cylindrical member such that the engaging claws are circumferentially spaced at predetermined intervals. An elastic holding member such as a rubber band can be engaged to a groove formed between the engaging claws. A novel zigzag hair wave is formed by winding hair on the hair-winding part of the hair-winding tool and performing cold permanent wave for the hair wound thereon.




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