Mécanisme de flexion et stéréoscope utilisant un tel mécanisme

Bending mechanism and stereoscope using same

Biegmechanismus und Stereoskop, der diesen verwendet


A bending mechanism comprising a tubular body or linear body having a bending part, a movable part which can move in the lengthwise direction of said tubular body or linear body, two actuators formed to antagonize via said movable part, and a pull wire which extends in the lengthwise direction along the bending part, one end of the wire being fixed to one end side of the bending part and the other end of the wire being fixed to the movable part set at the other end side of the bending part, wherein at least one of the two actuators is a shape memory element, and a stereoscope. The bending mechanism of the present invention is free of displacement of movable part when bending action is not needed, since two actuators are used which antagonize each other via movable part, whereby buckling of the bending part can be prevented. The simple structure of activator unit of the present invention facilitates reduction of the size of the structure. The stereoscope of the present invention is free of buckling of image guide and the like, and angle of convergence can be adjusted easily and a desired three-dimensional view can be obtained easily.




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